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Dive into Whimsical Waters: An Undersea Odyssey - Crossover leggings with pockets

Dive into Whimsical Waters: An Undersea Odyssey - Crossover leggings with pockets

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Indulge your senses in the captivating embrace of our "Dive into Whimsical Waters: An Undersea Odyssey" crossover leggings with pockets. Picture yourself slipping into a world where enchanting sea creatures come alive in a playful doodle art style, swirling around you in a mesmerizing dance of colors. Schools of iridescent fish painted in shades of green, purple, yellow, and orange create a symphony of hues, while a charming elephant-like creature gracefully glides through this aquatic ballet. Intriguing and uncategorizable beings add an extra layer of enchantment, sparking conversations wherever you go.

But the magic doesn't stop there! Our collection of clothing and accessories lets you flaunt this extraordinary design in style. From soft and cozy t-shirts to chic scarves and trendy tote bags, you'll find the perfect statement piece for any occasion. Whether you're headed to the beach, a party, or just brightening up your day, our premium-quality products crafted with care ensure a fabulous fashion statement that stands the test of time.

Step into the extraordinary allure of our underwater wonderland, where the beauty of nature and creativity seamlessly intertwine. Immerse yourself in the joy of wearing these delightful creations and let the symmetrical pattern design take you on a journey of unbridled imagination. Elevate your style with our trendy and flattering crossover leggings featuring convenient side pockets, offering exceptional comfort during your training sessions while keeping your valuables close. Dive in, discover the magic, and make a splash with these whimsically stylish leggings!

• 74% polyester, 26% spandex
• UPF 50+
• Soft and stretchy fabric with a mild-compression feel
• Comfortable fit
• Flattering cut
• High-waisted
• 1 pocket on each side
• Triangle gusset
• Blank product components in the US and Mexico sourced from China
• Blank product components in Europe sourced from China and Turkey

Crafted just for you upon ordering, our products take a bit longer to reach you. This on-demand approach minimizes overproduction, reflecting your mindful purchasing choices. Thanks for contributing to a more sustainable and thoughtful shopping experience!

Size guide

  WAIST (inches) HIPS (inches)
2XS 23 ⅝ 33 ⅞
XS 25 ¼ 35 ⅜
S 26 ¾ 37
M 28 ⅜ 38 ⅝
L 31 ½ 41 ¾
XL 34 ⅝ 44 ⅞
2XL 37 ¾ 48
3XL 41 51 ⅛
4XL 44 ⅛ 54 ⅜
5XL 47 ¼ 57 ½
6XL 50 ⅜ 60 ⅝
  WAIST (cm) HIPS (cm)
2XS 60 86
XS 64 90
S 68 94
M 72 98
L 80 106
XL 88 114
2XL 96 122
3XL 104 130
4XL 112 138
5XL 120 146
6XL 128 154
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