About Zoo&co

What is Zoo&co about?

Well, Zoo&co is a young company that promotes the creations of Ronald Reichmann with the help of a small team of artists and collaborators. It’s about drawing and having fun! We just want to express ourselves through our intrepid characters and give you a reason to smile, think, express your own personality or mood and even more interesting, send a special message to a beloved one.

Zoo&co was born out of our desire of doing so much more than just going to work everyday. It came from the desire of having fun while expressing ourselves, of going beyond today’s standards and contaminating people with enthusiasm and optimism.

Our aim is to create tasty, optimistic designs for optimistic people and put a smile on your face. We strongly believe that the T-shirt you wear or the product you use is intimately related to your own ideas and reflects what you think, what you feel, who you are and what you have to say.

Our designs are our own way of seeing the world, of laughing at it and of enjoying life. Zoo&co is The Drawing Lounge for young people, in body, but mainly in mind.

It all started during our Physics and Maths classes, when instead of listening to the interesting explanations of our teachers, we devoted ourselves to the art of caricaturing them. Then, thanks to our families’ and friends’ support, we created our first greeting cards, T-shirts and posters. Later on, when our passion for animals, superheros and animated designs grew on, we decided to represent a wild variety of fauna, high in colors, species and moods through our Zoo&co’s website.

At this point in time, Zoo&co distributes its designs through several partners such as Spreadshirt, Redbubble, Threadless, Zazzle, Society6 and Teepublic.

But, we have just changed our business model to have Printful as our main partner for fulfilling and dropshipping orders directly from our online boutique. Printful prints the T-shirts and other products and accessories and fulfills our clients’ orders.

You are welcome to explore our boutique, to find tasty designs for you and your beloved ones and to see "La vie en rose".

Why Zoo&co?

Because we love life and living beings! We specially love animals, which are full of emotions, feelings and amazing faculties. They also are an excellent excuse and means to develop and communicate our ideas.

Almost all the other creatures, real or mythical, are animals in some way, even the modern Homo sapiens who insist in denying his own condition and imposing his domination at any price, can not escape from belonging to the same Animal Kingdom!

It would be better for him, to humbly accept hist condition and feel flattered, without false pride, to belong as one more, to the wise nature, to the fragile balance and the great cycle of life, with all the virtues, challenges and weaknesses that this implies.

And company because whatever you want to achieve in this world has to be done counting on others as supporters, partners or customers, in company, like in Zoo and company. Were are not alone in this planet and all what you do or not has consequences for others, for our common destiny.

Drawing Lounge?

A living room, lounge room or simply lounge is a room in a bigger space such as a house, apartment or office or airport for relaxing and socializing, for entertainment and in our case for drawing, exchange ideas and make you feel warmly welcome.

Well, is all about our dreams, our mission and our goals! Our dream Drawing Lounge is a big, cozy and playful sitting and working room where you can drink something special and have a nice conversation while having creative ideas; a relaxing space where flashy thoughts coming from several domains meet drawings, where we can exchange and test different alternatives that end by creating characters and illustrations that act in varied scenarios.

By playing specific roles, these creations communicate messages, when this messages touch people, we make sure they pass through with a dose of humor, reflection, optimism and even warnings about the interaction we have with the world we live in and with people around us.

Crossed eyes?

Come join us and show with our crossed eyes your own way of seeing life and the role of the bold critters you wear in it: have fun, be creative, spread positive messages, surprise the world and put smiles on people's faces.

Cool critters on bold clothes (and products)

At this very moment we are reconsidering our branding and our way to present ourselves to customers and fans, various words and ideas come into consideration. Wild, bold, animals, critters, creatures, trendy, pattern design and doodle art. To be continued...