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Funny frogs hunting flies All-over print Yoga mat

Funny frogs hunting flies All-over print Yoga mat

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Enjoy a delightful yoga experience with a funny frogs hunting flies pattern design. This whimsical scene showcases green frogs with their tongues stretched out, creating a comical choreography as they attempt to catch flies. The vibrant mandala includes tadpoles, lotus leaves, and pink flowers, adding a touch of beauty to your yoga practice.

Enhance your yoga sessions with a portable mat designed for both stability and comfort. The mat features an anti-slip rubber bottom, ensuring a secure grip during poses and movements. On top, a soft microsuede surface offers a cushioned foundation for your exercises, stretches, and meditations. Elevate your yoga journey with a mat that brings joy and style to your practice.

Let the funny frogs and their playful energy inspire your inner child. Embrace the beauty of nature and the power of laughter as you flow through your yoga routine. With this unique mat, you can find serenity and happiness, all while enjoying the benefits of a practical and visually appealing accessory.

• Rubber mat with a microsuede top
• Anti-slip rubber bottom
• Size: 24″ × 68″ (61 cm × 173 cm)
• Weight: 62 oz. (1.75 kg)
• Mat thickness: 0.12″ (3 mm)
• Product sourced from China

This product is custom-made for you upon ordering, resulting in a slightly longer delivery time. By producing items on demand instead of in bulk, we actively reduce overproduction. We appreciate your thoughtful purchasing decisions and the positive environmental impact they bring. Thank you for choosing our product and supporting sustainability!

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