Safety and privacy

All your private information is safe with us. You can buy confidently at any moment.

Our partner Spreadshirt sends all your personal data via a Secure SSL-channel (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure its safe transfer. We have embedded Spreadshirt’s Order and Shopping page in our website to guarantee the security of your payment.

All data required for the transactions is saved and if necessary distributed to our partners to process your order. All personal data is kept in full confidence.

Spreadshirt saves your data exclusively for processing your order. No data will be transmitted to or saved by third parties. Spreadshirt will not use your data for advertising purposes unless you give your express consent. This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

When you are ordering from Zoo&co, you don’t see the https protocol in the address bar, nor the SSL secure icon in your browser because of the way our pages are built: the Spreadshirt’s order pages are embedded in our pages via an HTML tag called iframe. Nevertheless, you can verify the presence of the https protocol at any moment:

  • Open the Shop in a different page, you will see the https protocol and the SSL Secure icon in your browser.
  • Click the SSL Secure icon when you are in a shop. It appears once you have started your Checkout Process or after clicking the Shopping Basket link.

Check the presence of the https protocole in Zoo&co's Shops