Licensing designs

Licensing Zoo&co’s existing works

You have a project and want to use Zoo&co’s existing images?

Is your project non-profit, related to education, or for personal use

Feel free to send a message and tell us all the details. There is a big chance to let you use what you need for a very reasonable price, or even in some special cases, for free.

You need one of Zoo&co’s designs for a poster, a print or web ad or a presentation for your business

Our default non-exclusive license for this type of use is $190 for an image, if you need multiple images, just let us know, we are flexible.

You want to sell products with Zoo&co’s designs printed on

For this type of use we prefer a royalty model. Our royalty rate is 10% of gross sales for a non-exclusive license.

If this sounds good for you, just send us a message telling us which image you want to use and explaining in detail how you will use it.