Ronald Reichmann presenting his painting "Doodlelicious"

The Fantabulous Universe of RONY

Inspiration for a Fantabulous World!

Ronald Reichmann, an illustrator and character designer, loves to explore the universe, people, nature, culture, spirituality, and visual arts. He creates surprising and fantastical characters inspired by Doodle Art and Pattern Design. He effortlessly lets his hand wander across a blank page, drawing inspiration from a world of animals, monsters, aliens, and robots, thus solidifying his hybrid, wild, and eccentric universe.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

"I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, a beautiful country rich in artistic expressions of all kinds, where I became an industrial designer in 1993. After a few years designing point-of-sale materials for various brands, I worked as a graphic designer and designer for Maloka, an interactive museum, where I developed scientific exhibitions."

Transition to Switzerland and New Pursuits

In 2001, Ronald moved to Switzerland, the country of his grandparents, to study web design and 3D animation. "I currently live in a lovely village in the countryside with my little family and I have goats, sheep, and cows in the nearby fields! After several years as a web designer, I felt deep inside that I needed to achieve one of my dreams: to share with the world my characters and illustrations. Thus, in 2008, I devoted myself to illustrating in a colorful cartoon style with a touch of fantasy, a pinch of twisted humor, and lots of humor!

Artistic Philosophy and Style

Years later, fascinated by Doodle Art and Pattern Design, I joyfully integrated them into my creations, where empty spaces are rare and eyes seem to observe everything. This allows viewers to be surprised, to explore many details, and to discover other hidden characters. It's quite possible that two or even three characters share the same eye or hand."

His main goal is to ensure that people are surprised, explore, and have fun discovering all the details and hidden creatures. He also aims to inspire and awaken the dormant artist within everyone, encouraging everyone to create their own Doodles and to be carried away by the therapeutic joy of drawing from the heart without overthinking.

Custom Pattern Designs to Elevate Your Brand

He also invites companies to join the conversation, to contact him to create universes that reflect their brand, products, events, and services. He encourages them to imagine with him a vivid, rich and colorful visual world inspired by Doodle Art, unique and personalized, which will repeat (Pattern Design) to decorate, attract attention, convey key messages, captivate the public, and strengthen the brand identity.

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