Enjoy our All-over print T-Shirts for women, men and kids

Enjoy our All-over print T-Shirts for women, men and kids

All-over print T-Shirts printed with great care and love!

Enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of our bold designs printed on All-over print Shirts.

It's exciting to have this wide variety of products that we can use as canvases for our pattern designs and doodle art! It's amazing to see our art printed on these vibrants clothes, accessories and stuff!

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Cut and sew T-Shirts

Here, how the cut and sew T-Shirts are produced by our partner Printful, enjoy!

All-over printing or sublimation is an amazing printing process where the design is printed across the whole surface of a garment or product. To be able to do this, the design is printed as a template on a big sheet of paper with dye ink and then transferred directly onto the fabric with very high amounts of heat and pressure.

Heat transforms the solid dye particles into a gas through sublimation. There is no liquid phase due to the rapidness of the physical change. This fast process bonds the released chemicals to the polyester fibers of the fabric.

The dye is fully integrated into the fabric to give as a result an incredible soft feel and breathability. The design is normally printed on 100% polyester.

Most of the times, this printing process is done on a white garment because this base color allows for the best and most vibrant visual results. The types of garments available are T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jackets, socks, dresses, skirts, swimwear, bags, and a wide range of other products.

Sublimation lets you cover all of the garment with your design instead of DTG printing that has a limited area to be printed.

Due to the specificity of the sublimation process, graphics may shift up to 2 inches when printed. Because of this, it's not recommended to use motifs that require high placement precision.

Vibrants prints, sewn by hand, perfect fit and no white streaks are just some of the characteristics of the final T-Shirts and products!

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