Amazing patterns & Doodle art coloring book for adults and teens

Amazing patterns and doodle art coloring book for adults and teens

Zoo&co is happy to announce the launch a new book, a coloring book for adults and teens, from our sister company BOOKetin éditions.

Amazing patterns and Doodle art coloring book for adults and teens. Fun creatures for relaxation and stress relief.

A coloring book for relaxation and stress relief

After having created art to print on clothes and a wide variety of products, I’ve decided to make a selection of my designs and create a book to color and inspire.

I’m proud to present my first coloring book for adults and teens. It comes packed with great illustrations and fantastic characters inspired by two of my favorite trends in visual arts: doodle art and pattern design.
This book was born from the idea of giving coloring books an unexpected twist. It’s an invitation to relax, and de-stress through a series of amazing patterns composed by animals, monsters, aliens, robots, and strange creatures.
Have fun discovering my world, and once you feel confident, create your own doodles, practice a lot, keep the flow, and why not, publish your own artworks!
Enjoy it!

Great coloring book for adults and teens. Doodle art coloring pages. Out-of-this-world monsters, mad aliens, fantastic robots, creepy creatures and tons of frogs in doodle art style ready to color.

The perfect book to let your creativity and inner artist flow. Excellent for stress relief and management of anxiety. Creative whimsical drawings to regain serenity, control anxiety, relax and color.

It's also full of sea creatures and frogs!

A perfect book gift for all occasions

  • Christmas presents, Stocking Stuffers and gift exchanges
  • Easter Baskets, Gift Bags
  • Family Vacations & Travel
  • Birthday and anniversary Presents
  • Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day
  • White elephant party, Yankee swap gift exchange, secret Santa gag gift
  • And even for Halloween!

Fun Coloring Book for adults and teens games and activities. This book contains a special invitation to create your own doodle world and discover the artist in you! No need of special drawing skills. Even if you don't feel very good at drawing, you will enjoy coloring in this book and even create your own doodles.

Pattern designs in doodle art style, a perfect match!

Relaxing adult coloring book with doodle art style patterns. These fabulous and de-stressing patterns will drive you to make a break from the crazy rhythm of your everyday life and dive into a world of calm and serenity.

Some features

  • Original drawings. They are all created with great passion by Ronald Reichmann. This is the proof of the uniqueness and authenticity of the final illustrations.
  • Quality 32 intricate models, created with attention to every detail, high-quality work guaranteed.
  • Diverse levels of intricacy to keep you motivated and inspired to go to the following level!
  • Different subjects to choose from: frogs, birds, universe, sea, pond, fish, carnival, monsters and robots.
  • Good for all skill levels: perfect to step up your skills. From teens to seniors.
  • Excellent to relieve stress. Well qualified anti-anxiety activity.
  • It goes well with your choice of tools (Crayon, gel pens, markers, colored pencils).
  • High resolution drawings, neat printing of illustrations.
  • Each page to color is on one single sheet. Printed one sided. You don't have to worry about bleed through.
  • Creating the world with your own colors creates a sense of autonomy and boosts creativity, improves self-esteem and improves confidence.
  • This coloring book is a perfect gift for anyone who needs a moment of fun mixed with harmony and relaxation.


  • Premium Soft Cover
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 32 individual drawings.

Create your own Doodle art

Progressively, you will be more confident and get motivated to make your own doodles, to create your own Doodle world.
This special edition coloring book for young adults and teenagers features 32 of Ronald Reichmann's best coloring pages created in the last five years. This book also includes two extra blank pages to invite you to begin with your own Doodle art creations. Take it easy, you have all the necessary skills in you to deal with the madness of this crazy world.

Doodling: Letting my hand wander around a blank page is one of my favorite things. It allows me to create fabulous illustrations without my mind getting in the way. I have lots of pleasure mixing doodle art with patterns, interweave drawings and make them match.

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