Puffer fish in trouble asking for help while trapped in a plastic glass

Puffer fish in trouble asking for help while trapped in a plastic glass

To celebrate Earth Day, we imagined a small collection of sea animals trapped in plastic recipients. At first glance, this seems not very logical, how can a sea animal get trapped in a plastic glass? If it's already in how can not it find its way out?

This apparent nonsense is here to attract more attention and spread awareness. We are all trapped in a huge and absurd trap. We are all kidnapped by this enormous plastic monster, plastic pollution. The whole planet is in a giant plastic recipient. Unfortunately, the trap is not close to disappear, it's is increasing its size!

Celebrate Earth Day every day, time to reduce, reuse and recycle. Say stop to single use plastics, use a reusable glass, avoid plastic, avoid plastic recipients!

Worried puffer fish getting mad while trapped inside a plastic glass. It's asking for help thanks to a speech bubble and a plastic straw. Stop throwing plastic into the oceans. Stop using plastic bottles. Spread awareness about plastic free oceans. Earth Day every day!

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