Make Earth green again Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun

Make Earth green again Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun

This time, we wanted to create a portrait of a well recognized character to add to our Saint Patrick's Day collection. And the star of Saint Patrick's Day is, with no doubt, Mr. Leprechaun.

The next step was to create his portrait framed in a nice oval featuring his green skin, fancy red beard, pointy ears and mischievous grinning.

To add a nice touch, all of this had to be surrounded by shamrocks and a nice lettering that said "Make Earth green (once) again" as a call to celebrate big, in honor of Saint Patrick, in Irish style! Pay attention to embroidered patch touch style. Enjoy!

Proud Leprechaun grinning enthusiastically! It's time to make Earth green again and forever, it's Saint Patrick's Day! Don't forget to celebrate big!


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