Legendary Chinese dragons pattern art

Legendary Chinese dragons pattern art

Going through my TO-DO list, I found one of my favorite ideas: draw a bunch of mighty dragons inspired by Chinese culture and symbology! The goal was to achieve something simple yet attractive, great for a new pattern design! Are you a fan of dragons and Chinese culture? Get ready to enjoy it!

By mixing different types of symmetry, using only 3 flat colors and trying different compositions and color combinations, I came up with a nice pattern design with a Chinese touch and a bit of Doodle art and Mandala design. What do you think? Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the form below!

Dragons are among the fabulous creatures, the ones that remain in the imagination of people all over the world and the ones that arouse the most fantasies among adults and children. Many people even believe that dragons are real, that they exist! Do they exist?

These fascinating animals are a mixture of powerful animals such as snakes, lions, crocodiles or even bats. How about putting some big dragons in a pattern embellished with symbols of Chinese culture? Now, they are more alive and more real than ever!


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