To keep calm and doodle is more than just doodling

To keep calm and doodle is more than just doodling

Doodle your way to keep the Doctor away!

Can you meditate and drawing? Meditative drawing is a visual method for training your monkey mind, putting the mind in a calm and flowing state, and exercising your artistic side.

Wait, but what about doing it in a real spontaneous way? You must absolutely try it, this is the best way to experience your inner creativity. Doodling is much more than distracting your racing mind. It's all about reaching your own wisdom, activate your own healing power and bring your spirit to rest.

Spontaneous doodling has to do with not controlling the result. Try doing it by getting rid of preconceived ideas or expectations. Let the door wide open to anything that you never imagined you could do! Every single doodle has its own life totally based on its own uniqueness!

To doodle or not to doodle? Sometimes, doodle art "requires" a little more time to solidify the concept and to improve the graphic result (mainly when you try to put your doodle art in a shop). Every doodle creature needs to take the good form and the good place in the whole artwork composition.

Only in this way and after a conscious process of trial and error, the artwork will have the necessary dynamism and the right balance to ensure the best impact when printed as a pattern design on all-over print products. So, Doodle now!


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