Green turtle asking if it's OK to go out of its shell

Green turtle asking if it's OK to go out of its shell

Design Concept: "Turtle's Bold Inquiry"

Picture this: a charming green turtle sporting a pair of oversized sunglasses, peeking hesitantly out of its cozy, patterned shell. The speech bubble above playfully reads, "Is it gone?" as if the turtle is asking if it's finally safe to venture out.

COVID Conscious Cutie

Our dubious turtle is on a mission to ensure everyone's safety. Its careful inquiry humorously reminds us of the lingering uncertainty around the coronavirus. The design's cute yet cautious character brings a smile to anyone who sees it.

Spread Awareness, Not Germs

Wearing this design is like giving a nod to pandemic precautions while maintaining a whimsical and lighthearted vibe. It not only makes people wish to wear clothes and use products printed with it but also encourages them to be responsible citizens by raising awareness about the importance of protecting ourselves and others. So, get ready to flaunt this adorable design and spread good vibes while staying safe!

Shell Yeah, It's Safe!

Dubious green turtle getting to know if it's good time to go out of its shell. It's asking if the menacing coronavirus is already gone. It wants to make sure that it can go out without risk.

Proud of having created a design that helps raise awareness about the importance of protect ourselves and protect others.


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