A whole Doodle world is buzzing in Lost city

A whole Doodle world is buzzing in Lost city

We would say that there is a whole Doodle world buzzing in Lost City. Rumors also say that, at least, some of these Doodles were generated by an artificial intelligence! Can you help us find this creative intelligence? Is it a robot, a printer or is it the whole system?

Are Radio City's airwaves involved in this worldwide Doodle art scheme? Is there a hidden power behind this generation of artificial intelligence art? Thanks in advance, enjoy!

It was fun to recreate in a simple and naive way, in Doodle art style, what the arrival of artificial intelligence can bring and mean for the art world...

Disturbing? Some platforms sent out newsletters saying that AI art would no longer be accepted on their images banks and that all AI generated images would be removed.

Should we just accept the incredible performance of Adobe's new tools without asking whether the new tools will improve the lives of artists or simply replace them in the near future? Adobe wants us to feel reassured by telling us that their goal is just to provide more and better tools for artists... Too many remaining questions?

For now, let's just have fun and keep enjoying this bunch of monsters, weird creatures, odd aliens and funny animals creating a cool pattern design!


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